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Norman Downes Community Association Website Update!


Big changes to our HOA Website are coming! The future website will be more useful, more relevant, and will have less clutter to search through. Our goal is to provide a more relevant and useful website for you to use. We want to provide information that you need in a timely fashion and reconnect you with the Association’s board of directors. We want to help make community involvement easy and exciting as well as make your lives easier!

You can look forward to information that you need being just a few clicks away. Upcoming improvements include (but are not limited to) a whole new design, a calendar of events, online assessment payments, links to local city and community resources & events, information about the last and upcoming meeting, who to contact, and so much more!

If you have questions or comments, ideas, hopes or dreams for the new website, please leave them in the comments below! We will be reviewing each and every one of them.

The site as it currently is, will continue to be fully functional until we make the change to the new site.

We will update you as we make progress!!

Thomas Elam
Norman Downes Home Owner’s Association


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Neighborhood covenants are here: Covenants – Norman Downes.