2018 January NDHOA Board of Directors Meeting

The next board meeting will be January 16th at 7 PM at the Bunten Park Community Building. Board meetings are open to all homeowners.

Announcement: Residents are invited to meet Duluth City Council Representative Kirk Carden at our February 20th meeting.  Mr. Carden is a member of the Duluth Urban Redevelopment Authority, the Zoning Board of Appeals, and the Citizen’s Budget Review Advisory Committee.  He is interested in meeting with Norman Downes citizens to hear their concerns firsthand and answer questions.

Board Members:  Cheryl Smith, Susan Porteous, Sam Carr, Robert Clark, Kim Partridge, Sheryl Croy, Susan VanLanen, Susan Welch, Thomas Elam

Board Member Challenge: Arrive at the meeting with 3-5 written goals to accomplish for the 2018 year in Norman Downes and decide which committee(s) you would be willing to chair.


  • Welcome and Call to Order – Cheryl  Smith
  • Secretaries Report
  • Treasurers Report – Susan Porteous
  • Norman Dam Report – Sam Carr
  • (Other Committee Reports will be waived until the February 20th meeting to allow time for goal setting unless there is urgent business.)
  • Old Business
    • Caution sign for the common lake access area (no swimming/heavy silt accumulation)
  • New Business
    • 2018 Goal Setting
    • Election 2018 Board Officers
    • Appointment of 2018 Committee Chairs 
      • 2 chairs suggested – Communications/Web/Newsletter/ Community Activities Liasion
      • 2- chairs suggested – Dam/ General  Maintenance
      • 2- chairs suggested – Landscape/Entrances
      • 1- chair suggested – Lake Access
      • 2- chairs suggested – Pool
      • 1- chair suggested – Tennis
    • Adopt A Stream Program Promotion –  waived until the February 20th Meeting
  •  Open Floor – Visitor comments and questions.
  •  Adjournment

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  1. pamela jean beall says:

    Is there anywhere on the website where a owner can access approved minutes of the past board meetings?

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