What are the pool rules?

Notice posted for the information of all persons using this facility:

  • Norman Downes Homes Association is not responsible for accidents or injuries at the pool.
  • All persons using this facility do so at their own risk.

Please treat this area as if it were your own home and be considerate of others while using this facility.

Members and Associate Members of the Association are those persons and their spouses who hold title to their property.

This area is for Members and Associate Members, their household residents, and their non-resident guests only. To use this facility Members and Associate Members accounts with the Association must be current. Member keys may be obtained upon payment of annual fee plus a replacement key fee.

Pool hours are from 8:00AM until 10:00PM. Life guard hours are from 11:00AM until 7:00PM.

When a lifeguard is not on duty:

  • All guests must be accompanied by at least one Member.
  • Children under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult aged 21 or greater.
  • Resident youth age 18 or older may use the pool without adult supervision.
  • No one person under the age of 21 may swim alone.

Members present share responsibility to enforce rules to ensure the safety of all persons.
Members are responsible for damages caused by other household residents or guests.
The Association may bill Members to recover costs from damages or negligence.

  • Appropriate attire required.
  • No pets allowed.
  • No glass containers allowed.
  • No smoking.
  • Please dispose of waste appropriately in the trash containers provided.
  • Baby Pool reserved for ages 5 and under.
  • “Swimmer Diapers” REQUIRED! Children with soiled diapers must be removed from the pool.
  • No diving into the shallow end of the pool. Diving allowed into the deep end only.
  • No running, horseplay, excessive noise levels, abusive language or abuse of pool property.
  • No skateboards, roller blades, bicycles, or other vehicles allowed in pool area.
  • No alcoholic beverages during regular pool hours. (Exceptions may be granted for private parties.)

Pool may be reserved for private parties after 7PM. Application for a reservation must be made to the pool committee at least one week prior to the event. Application must include a $50.00 refundable deposit to cover cleanup expense. Party host must agree to pay the overtime fee for a community lifeguard.

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