Proposed Standards

Compliance Standards for Norman Downes Homes Association

Please refer to the City of Duluth standards and codes which may be found here.

Below is a list of approved architectural standards as adopted by the Covenants Compliance Committee for Norman Downes. Violations may be brought to the attention of the Norman Downes Homes Association Board by emailing Upon investigation, any serious violations will be first addressed by issuing a letter to the resident asking that the problem be rectified in a timely manner. If no response is received with 10 days, a second and final request will be issued. If the final request is not responded to within 10 days, the Covenants Compliance Committee may hire contractors to bring the property to within standards. Any expenses incurred may be charged back to the owner of the property. Hardship and special situations are considered case by case. Most often however, minor and temporary violations are resolved with a phone call or face-to-face conversation with a member of the Board or Covenants Compliance Committee.

  1. The overall property must be maintained in good repair. No broken or boarded up windows or doors are permitted at any time. Hanging gutters, damaged shutters and garage doors, and missing siding and singles must be repaired promptly. Porches and steps must be kept in good repair. All fencing and gates must be maintained. No peeling, blistered paint or unfinished siding is allowed.
  2. Paint color of homes, fences and outbuildings needs to be attractive. No overly bright, fluorescent, or garish colors are allowed. Acceptable paint colors are (to be determined).
  3. Lawn maintenance – Front and back yards must be mowed and bushes neatly maintained. Curb and Driveway edging is encouraged. Per the City of Duluth, grass is to be cut on a regular basis and not to exceed 8″ in height.
  4. Plastic flowers and containers are not permitted on the front side of the residence.
  5. Landscaping & gardens – Vegetable gardens in excess of 8’x8′ area are not allowed in the front yard. Smaller herb and vegetable gardens are permitted if kept weed free and cultivated to be pleasing to the eye. No invasive trees or vines may be planted within the subdivision. Plantings on corner lots and at the entrances must not obscure the vision of drivers seeing pedestrians.
  6. Trees – Removal of healthy trees over 12” in base diameter must be approved by the Board unless fallen by natural circumstances. Part of Norman Downes appeal is its mature trees. There may be no visible tree stumps seen from the front of the home. IMPORTANT: Removal of trees without prior HOA approval may incur a fine.
  7. No decorative fencing in the front yard.
  8. Mailboxes should be made of sturdy material, and easily accessible from the street with numbers clearly marked on the mailbox or curb.
  9. Signage is limited to house numbers, plus one for sale or rent sign. Any posted signs within the neighborhood regarding upcoming events and garage sales etc. must be removed directly after the event takes place.
  10. Flags and yard art in the front yard must be tasteful and limited.
  11. Recreational and play equipment, including tire swings, swing sets, basketball hoops, and soccer nets are not allowed in the front yard or on the street in front of the property.
  12. Tents and hammocks are not permitted in the front yard.
  13. Holiday decorations must be removed within 30 days once a holiday has past. Christmas Lights (even unlit) must not remain on the house year round.
  14. Debris and other yard waste, including fallen trees must be disposed of in a timely manner.
  15. Dumpsters – may be kept on the premises in the driveway for a period of no longer than 30 days unless a major renovation project is in operation. No dumpsters may be kept on the street.
  16. Any new home additions – must be submitted for approval in advance by the Covenants Compliance Committee.
  17. Out buildings – must be submitted for approval in advance by the Covenant Compliance Committee.
  18. There is no burning within the City of Duluth of trash, paper etc. Open burning of leaves, tree branches and limbs by individuals associated with storm clean-up and individual yard work is allowed.