Recent Car Break-Ins

This was posted on by Master Patrol Officer, Ted Sadowski of the Duluth Police Department. We have been given permission to reproduce this here.

To All-

To be transparent with all of our citizens. We have had a rash of car break-ins yesterday.

See below:

  • Norman Downes subdivision – 13 reported car break-ins wth two firearms taken from vehicles.
  • Peachtree Walk subdivision – 9 reported car break-ins with one firearm taken from the vehicle.
  • Carriage Gate subdivision – 4 vehicles reported car break-ins.

Majority of these were all UNLOCKED. The ones that weren’t, had valuables visible for the suspect to see then got into the vehicle.

The Duluth Police Department strives to reduce crime by being visible and confronting any suspicious persons that might be up to criminal activity. However, we require the community to help with reducing crime as well by seeing anyone suspicious and calling that person in to have them investigated. Unfortunately, we receive a lot of feedback by the community after a crime occurred with them seeing a person or vehicle in their neighborhood, yet failed to call us when they saw the person/vehicle.

Just to give you some numbers. We have about 30,000 residents inside the City of Duluth and of those only 3,500 residents on Nextdoor. We have about 8 officers on each shift patrolling the entire city at one time. That means the community has more eyes on the City than the officers on the shift. With that being said, we don’t expect you to go around policing the neighborhood but when you see something out of the ordinary, please call us.

Our officers respond to every call that is generated-from shoplifting to a child not willing to go to school. With a majority of these calls, officers go with another officer or more, depending on the potential of injury, etc. This means that now, there are even less eyes inside your community, while we are dealing with whatever call we are on.

We have received some complaints wondering how these crimes can be committed and not having an officer catch them. Again, we catch some criminals in the act by patrolling but mainly we catch criminals with the help of the community by calling us and investigating.

Timing-it only takes a split second to check a door handle and when it’s unlocked, only a few seconds to take the items and run. So to have an officer catch them in the act, will be by pure luck. Again, we need the community to call us, if you see anyone looking around vehicles, homes, or anything that might be suspicious.


I handle all the crime stats within the City of Duluth and to be honest, majority (about 90-95%) of car break-ins are all UNLOCKED. Criminals will check a door handle and if UNLOCKED will rummage through the car looking for anything valuable. If LOCKED, the suspect will more than likely move on looking for an UNLOCKED vehicle. The times a suspect will shatter your window is when a purse, laptop, wallet, gun, or anything valuable is visible.

Again, the City of Duluth Police Department is strict with enforcement of ALL crimes within the city. We do get crime, less than most cities but we need the communities help on crime reduction as well.

If anyone has questions, please email me directly at CRIMESTATS@nullDULUTHPD.COM.

Please call us at (770) 476-4151 to report anything suspicious.

Thank you!

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